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Bespoke Steel Staircases

If you’re looking for a sturdy and durable stair solution in your business or home, a steel staircase is a great investment against pests, wood rot, and long-term wear and tear. Steel is one of the most durable and safest metals used for staircases and infrastructure, and can be installed as an outdoor or indoor fixture.  

At Smart Steels, we can design, manufacture and install the highest quality steel and metal staircases for your property.  Whether it be your home, business, or an industrial commercial building. From made-to-measure stainless steel staircases to custom designs. our team has over 40 years of experience in steel and ergonomic construction.

External Steel staircases: our services

Sturdy, weather-resistant and durable, steel staircases are ideal for external environments, and can be used for emergency exits and fire escapes, or just used for access from one level to another. 

Spiral Steel Staircase

External Steel Staircases for limited space areas

External Steel staircases are often installed outside commercial or Residential buildings to facilitate movement between one storey of the building to another (for example, to install an outdoor staff entrance or to facilitate deliveries to a restaurant or shop.) You can even install a steel staircase leading from one storey of your house to your garden; at Smart Steels, we can design custom-made steel staircases that blend in with the style and aesthetic of your home.

Fire escapes for emergency departure

Steel staircases are ideal for outdoor fire escapes; they’re weather-resistant, sturdy, and stable even when under heavy pressure. They can support heavy weights without incurring structural damage to the staircase. Many commercial buildings install steel staircases at the exterior of their property, providing a safe outdoor route in the need of a fire emergency.

Fire Escape Staircases
Steel Staircase

Commercial steel staircases for heavy use

Commercial staircases are typically installed outside large commercial buildings, such as shopping centres and office buildings. A commercial steel staircase will always be designed according to the client’s brief, with durability and heavy-use being two of the main concerns during the design process.

Internal Steel Staircases: Our services

Here at Smart Steels, we also design, manufacture, and install internal steel staircases. We also often work with interior designers, helping them complete interior projects for their own clients. Typically, internal staircases are installed in homes, office buildings and commercial buildings (such as shopping centres).

Internal stairs to suit any style

All our outdoor or indoors stairs are designed with location in mind. Any required finishes to suit the desired location can be offered, and any colour provided. We ensure these comply with all health and safety regulations and provide a safe passage out of a property. We can also remove old Stairs, or even restore and maintain these if this is more cost-effective.

Spinal stairs with cable balustrade

Custom steel staircase designs: designed by you, fulfilled by us

When you choose Smart Steels to fulfil your staircase installation, we’ll collaborate together to create a design that works for you. We’ll spend a week drafting up physical drawings, which we will then present to you before beginning production. We’ll only begin production once you’re happy with our design and give us the go-ahead to begin the project.

Can you design your own steel staircase?

Yes! Our clients can create their own custom design for their steel staircase: this allows you to maintain continuity in your home or property when it comes to style and aesthetic concerns. You can also determine your staircase’s functionality, size, style, and shape.

Are a range of designs offered?

We offer an unlimited range of designs! As we offer custom orders, there’s no limit on the type of steel staircases we can fabricate and install; instead, you get to be the creative imagination behind the design. We also offer traditional templates if you’re looking for steel staircases for commercial or industrial use.

How long will installation take?

The length of time the installation takes will largely depend on the size of the staircase, and whether or not there are any logistical concerns. For example, a high-rise outdoor steel staircase might require scaffolding, which can prolong the process by a few days to a couple of weeks. The larger the project, the longer the installation will take. There are a number of ways you can speed up the process: for example, you can shave a week off the pre-production waiting time by foregoing our AutoCAD drawings.

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We have over 40 years of experience in metal fabrication and staircase design. We operate throughout London, Surrey and the surrounding areas. If you’re interested in installing a steel staircase in or outside your property, contact us today for a consultation. You can reach us at our office on 020 8640 6999, or send us an email at design stage, then begin to fabricate and install your new staircase design.

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