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Steel Staircases Designed to your Specifications

At Smart Steels, we are experienced fabricators of steel staircases who can design and install any bespoke and personalised staircase for your property. We’re experienced metal fabricators and installers, who can take you through the whole process for your new product, for either a new steel staircase outdoor or indoors stairs,  we will carry out a full site inspection, Provide 3D design drawings prior to fabrication, and we give a full installation service and even carry out maintenance on existing stairs. No matter the design or property, get in touch for an initial consultation. We have installed a range of designs at various properties, including both residential and commercial environments.

Steel Staircases

External spirals for limited space areas

Our external Spiral stairs  bring a home together. As well as being a premium, and aesthetic product, they are also very durable. Our in-house metal workers fabricate and install every component of the staircase, guaranteeing quality and longevity of your new steel staircase outdoors.

Fire escapes for emergency departure

We can also design and install fire escapes for your property. We ensure these comply with all health and safety regulations and provide a safe passage out of a property while meeting all Building regulations. As well as installing new fire escapes, we can also remove old ones, or even restore and maintain these if this is more cost-effective.

Fire Escape Staircases
Steel Staircase

Commercial staircases for heavy use

Our steel staircase designs are all made to current Building Regulations Part K. And all are made with the clients Design brief taken fully into consideration. So As well as being a premium product, they always aesthetically Meet all the clients desires. And because of this they always add a touch of uniqueness to the clients home or building.

Internal stairs to suit any style

All our outdoor or indoors stairs are designed with location in mind. Any required finishes to suit the desired location can be offered, and any colour provided. We ensure these comply with all health and safety regulations and provide a safe passage out of a property. We can also remove old Stairs, or even restore and maintain these if this is more cost-effective.

Internal stairs

Design Your Own Steel Staircases

We are able to design and install your bespoke stair case. And customise every aspect of your new stairs from bannisters and stair treads. We are able to work with a number of materials as steel, wood and glass. We can also create a traditional or modern staircase to suit your tastes.

Range Of Designs

No matter how simple or complicated your stair design, we are on hand to assist you in installing the perfect stairs for your property. And no matter whether it’s a simple, straight staircase or an elegant centrepiece stairwell. Our experienced and creative team are versatile and skilled enough to create any staircase design, and whether you value aesthetics, functionality or somewhere in between. We can help bring your design idea into a reality

You as the client can choose the shape, colour and material of your staircase and we can make your dream stairs Come to life. Whether you opt for a single flight stairs design or a multi-floored structure, our skilled technicians can install your staircase in unison with your home or commercial property. We have previously installed straight flight stairs, quarter turn and half turn spine beam and spiral staircases.

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We have over 40 years of experience in metal fabrication and staircase design. We operate throughout London, Surrey and the surrounding areas. For an initial site survey to review your bespoke staircase design and new staircase cost, get in touch today. We can offer our expertise throughout the design stage, then begin to fabricate and install your new staircase design.

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