At Smart Steels we can design, manufacture and install bespoke metal balustrade for your property. The balustrade is the infill panels between the handrail and base rail on staircases or decking. Our metal balustrade can be installed on small decking areas to full staircases.

Our team of experienced metal fabricators can assist you with the design of the balustrade. We then manufacture it ourselves to ensure you have a unique, perfect balustrade and handrail for your property.

Bespoke Stainless Steel Balustrade

We understand the importance of every stage of the installation process when it comes to metal balusters. This is why we take a hands-on-approach, during design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

Balustrade can provide a harmonious flow from one level of your home to another. We can install internal and external stainless steel balustrade. Our in-house metal fabricators work in sync with our designers to produce hot-dipped galvanised steel balustrade. We can work with a number of unique and complementary materials to create the perfect cast-iron balustrade for you.

Balustrade Design & Installation

All our balustrade is quickly manufactured and supplied to meet client requirements. Our expertise means we can take care of the whole process, ensuring all work is according to building regulations.

We carry out all fabrication metalwork and any Wrought Ironwork in our workshops. Our skilled metal fabricators guarantee high-quality and also speed up the process. We possess all the necessary equipment needed meaning we can cut out the middle man.

Balustrade Design & Installation

Balustrade is a unique style of railing that is designed with simplicity in mind. We can design, manufacture and install stainless steel and wrought iron Balustrade to enhance your staircase, balcony or decking.

We are able to create and install your bespoke metal balustrade on flat roofs and patio areas. Simply look through our images or get in touch if you would like to discuss a bespoke style with our design team.

We manufacture everything ourselves, meaning we can work with you to recreate your dream metal balustrade. We can also offer guidance and expert advice when it comes to the design and installation of your metal balustrade.

Once we have created your balustrade, all metalwork is hot-dip galvanised to prevent rust and ensure longevity.


Experienced Metal Fabricators

Should you require any of our metal Balustrade design or installation services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on or call 020 8640 6999. We can manufacture metal balustrade for small decking areas to full staircases, according to your personal taste and budget.

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