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Making an impact from the moment someone sees your property is important, as of course is home security. The right entrance gate will not only provide this key first initial impression, but it will also help you to protect your property and your privacy.

Smart Steels has over 40 years’ worth of experience of designing, manufacturing and installing quality iron gates which cover a variety of different properties and aesthetics, so we can certainly help you find exactly what you are looking for.


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What Our Customers Say

Mr K.
We had been looking at iron gates for our home for some time but we were feeling overwhelmed with all the options available to us. Smart Steels made sure that we were fully informed before helping to choose the right gate for us.

Mrs H.
I was looking for a bespoke iron gate which would match the restoration work I have undertaken on my property. Smart Steels listened to all of my concerns and wishes and were able to design and install a beautiful new gate which blends seamlessly with the wider style of the house.

Mr M.
I needed a new automatic gate for my commercial property. Smart Steels were not only able to provide the perfect design for my needs but were also able to complete the installation in an efficient manner which did not disrupt my business.

Case Studies

The Telescopic Sliding Gate

The Project:  We had a customer from Wimbledon approach us with a series of concerns and a wish for an automatic gate for their property.

Their first problem was that their driveway did not have the room for conventional swing gates. If they drove the car in, they would not be able to close the gates as the car would then be in the way. The gates could not swing in the other direction as the local building regulations did not allow the gates to swing out over the public footpath. We obviously could not install swing gates, so the obvious consideration would be for a sliding gate.

However, this is where the customer’s second concern came into play. They had limited space on either side of their opening which did not have enough room to accommodate for a conventional full-length sliding gate.

While some would be put off by the number of challenges in this project, we tackled it head-on.

The Solution: We manufactured a telescopic sliding gate that concertinas back on itself as it closes. With this solution, the gate actually requires 50% less space than a conventional sliding gate would need in the closed position. The client was entirely satisfied with their new metal driveway gates and we were satisfied knowing that we were able to provide a quality solution to a problem which had initially appeared to be quite complex.


Do you provide bespoke iron gates?

Yes, we can provide gates to fit virtually any property. All of our gates are made to order so you can be certain that you will always get an iron gate which is uniquely designed for you. You will work with our designers to come up with an entrance gate for your property which is perfectly shaped to fit your space and uniquely designed for you.

Do you supply gates for trade customers?

Yes, we supply for trade customers in addition to our work for residential and commercial customers. Many architects like to recommend our products to their customers for their own projects thanks to our gates’ versatility. If you are a trade customer looking for the perfect bespoke iron gates for your build, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a design.

Do you offer a measuring service?

Yes, we offer a full survey as part of our services. It is our duty to ensure that your gate will perfectly fit the space you have and we do so by meticulously measuring the area and considering anything which could affect your choice of gate. This will help to give you peace of mind that your gate is always going to fit the space you have in mind for it.

What about plans?

We provide full AutoCAD drawings to help you envision how the final product will look. Whether you are designing a fully unique gate or opting for a popular design to fit in with the other buildings in your neighbourhood, our drawings will help you gain a visual reference of what to expect.

What range of colour and finishes do you offer?

We offer several finishes to our iron gates. Our basic finish is primed mild steel. This is a must in the sometimes-dreary British weather as it helps to protect the metal from exposure to moisture. It also ensures that any paint you apply will adhere better to the surface of the metal. On top of this, you can have any standard RAL colour sprayed for a touch of vibrancy.

Prior to the spray painting process, you can opt for a hot dip galvanised finish. This is a further protective step, as the molten zinc used in the process can help to protect wrought iron gates from rust for a minimum of 25 years.
Finally, you can opt for a polyester powder coat instead of the spray paint. In this process, the metal is magnetised and then sprayed with a special dust to create a smooth coating. This will still give you the protection of the galvanised finish plus a different style of colour application.

What is the standard time scale for a project?

We try to adhere to the following time scale for all of our projects. Following your initial order being placed and our receiving your deposit, someone should have visited your property to survey the worksite within two days. After that, you will receive the AutoCAD drawings within one week and we will open discussions to make any adjustments to them as needed. When you are satisfied with the result, the gates will be manufactured in our workshop; a process which takes approximated two weeks.

By the third week, we hope to be at your property for installation, unless you have opted for galvanisation as that will add another 7-14 days to production time as this is a specialist finish.

If you have opted for extras such as gate automation which requires onsite enabling, this will add an additional 24-48 hours to the installation time or we can work with your builders for the most efficient path.

We can also turn the project around quicker if some of the steps are not required. For example, one of the steps in our process which can often be left out is the production of the AutoCAD drawings as they are not always needed for every project.

What are your payment terms?

For supply only jobs (where we are merely manufacturing the gates for another party to install), we require a 50% deposit with the rest of the invoice due on completion of the project.

For more labour-intensive jobs (where we are both the supplier and the fitter for the gates), we ask for a 40% deposit, with the rest due on completion of the project.

These are just guidelines for our pricing structures. For specific pricing for a project, do not hesitate to get in touch for a quote now.

Do you offer gate automation?

Yes, we offer a variety of options for gate automation mechanisms. These include ground induction loops (which sit underground), key fobs, access pads in a post near the gate, or a GSM controller allowing you to control the gate from your smartphone. For more information about our automated gate options, please visit the page here.

Are there options for the way my gates open?

Yes, we offer many options for the way gates opens. To meet UK building regulations, swing gates must open inward; but they can swing either 90 or a full 180 degrees to make more room for the vehicles.
You could also opt for a sliding gate if you haven’t got the space to get the depth of the vehicle in and close the swing gates behind it.

What about gate security?

We have a range of different security measures so you can ensure that your gate is always secure. These range from a standard slide bolt with a padlock all the way up to a full British standard-improved 5 lever mortice lock. You could also opt for an electromagnetic lock as an alternative.

Why Choose an Iron Gate?

Wrought iron gates have been a popular choice for centuries and they still remain an excellent design choice even in the 21st century.

Firstly, they obviously add security to your property. A gate is just one more deterrent you can add to put off any potential intruders. Iron is an excellent material to choose as it is difficult to get through and you can also add automatic openers for enhanced security; controlling who exactly can pass through your gates.

They also add value to your property. Iron gates are a stylish way to bring up the curb side appeal of your house; a factor which can often be a driving force in the marketability of your house if you were to sell.

Iron gate design is also extremely flexible. You could opt for a classic design if you live in an older property or you could choose something contemporary and minimalist. The choice is completely up to you.

Finally, iron gates are surprisingly low maintenance. While the initial cost is obviously a lot more than some other popular gate materials like wood, protecting the gate over the years will cost much less. A gate made of iron will deteriorate much slower than one made of another material and only needs minimal cleaning to keep it looking as new as the day it was installed.

Why Smart Steels?

If you are looking for a company which will truly guide you through all stages of your project with the utmost care and attention, you cannot go wrong with Smart Steels. Our 40 years’ worth of experience really speaks for itself and lets you know that we are more than capable of handling any job you could hope to bring to us.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail in all aspects of the project from when the first measurement is taken to the very last test before we leave. We are dedicated to providing wrought iron gates of the highest quality and we are certain that you will find few out there who can offer the same high standard of both product and service that we do. We fully understand all aspects of our process and can guide you through it with access to all of our expert care and knowledge, making Smart Steels the smart choice for anyone in need of iron gates.


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