At Smart Steels we can supply and install a range of metal security fencing for your premises. Our secure Mesh Fencing and Palisade Fencing have been utilised in a range of industries and sectors, such as schools, prisons and airports, across the areas of London and Surrey. Whether you require a low, medium or high-security application, we stock a wide range of metal fencing so you’re sure to find the fencing suitable for your premises.

Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing offers a great balance between low cost and reliable security. As one of the most cost-effective fencing products available, it ensures complete security while allowing clear visibility of the surroundings.

Palisade Fencing

If high-security is a priority to you, then palisade fencing is the ideal solution. The robust design of a palisade fence means it’s vandal resistant and extremely difficult to damage making it the perfect security fencing system.

Secure Solid Metal Fencing Panels

We can supply and fit a number of secure, metal fence panels to protect your premises. We offer a wide range of mesh fencing and palisade fencing which can offer different degrees of protection for your property. Our fences are available in a number of materials such as steel fencing and iron fencing.

We can supply economical, general-purpose, mesh boundary fencing where you simply want to mark the grounds of your site. These are suitable for properties with a low risk of attack or breach, such as schools and business parks. These are also quick and easy to install.

If you require particularly robust protection for your premises, then Smart Steels can supply and install a number of secure fencing systems, which are vandal-resistant, as well as being very hard to damage or climb.

As well as being extremely robust and functional, our steel fence panels are also aesthetically pleasing. We believe your premises being safe and secure shouldn’t affect the visual appeal of a property.

Our metal fencing can be tailor-made for your premises. Our engineers can come to your property for inspection and offer their expertise and advice on which fencing solution is the most appropriate for your property.

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Sports Fencing

As well as security and premises fencing, we also stock fencing designed specifically for sports facilities. This mesh fencing is available for a number of leisure facilities, which may require different degrees of durability.

Our TwinSports Bronze mesh fencing is ideal for areas with medium usages, such as schools, parks and junior football, basketball, tennis and netball. We can also supply and install a specialist boundary fencing system suitable for more heavy-duty usage MUGA’s (multi-use game areas) such as adult and professional sports facilities.

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