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Bespoke Garden Railings in London

If you’re looking for bespoke garden railings in London, look no further than Smart Steels. With over forty years of experience in providing sturdy, timeless and elegant metal railings and gates, our expert team will work tirelessly to ensure you achieve the results you want.

We handle your project from start to finish: from creating custom AutoCAD designs to offering made-to-measure custom railings designed to blend into your property seamlessly. Whether you’re working in a personal or professional capacity, we’ve got the tools, expertise, and knowledge to transform your garden and outdoor space.


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London Style Design
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Bespoke railings in London: Our Method

At Smart Steels, we’ve worked on balltop design railings, garden gates, fencing, veranda railings, driveway gates, metal gates, front garden railings and more. Think your design is too complex to be put into action? Think again. 

Recently, one of our clients in Putney contacted us in need of rooftop railings for their veranda. While this might sound like a simple project upfront, we encountered a couple of complications: not only was the veranda curved, but the customer needed the railings to correspond stylistically with the design of their property. It was a complex project, but the expert team at Smart Steels pulled it off. But how?

Our method: We quickly got to work measuring the area around the veranda, before heading to our studio to create an elegant design in keeping with the design of the building. We also needed to ensure that the railings were safe: the client wanted to ensure that the veranda didn’t pose any health and safety risks, and eliminate the possibility of someone falling over the edge. 

Once our client approved our design, we swiftly moved into production. Our templates were sent to our workshop, where individual panels for the railing were manufactured. Not only did all our panels match 100%, but all the shapes and curves aligned perfectly with the curves of the veranda.  After an expert installation by our team, our client was thrilled with the final result.

Here’s what some of our other clients have to say about our services:

Miss B.
“Smart Steels were great from start to finish! We were on the hunt for some bespoke front garden railings. With their help and expert advice. They helped us choose railings which have completely transformed our little patch of green out front.”

Mr W.
“I wasn’t wholly convinced that iron railings would suit my garden but decided to pursue some quotes anyway. After a consultation with Smart Steels and seeing the drawings they provided. I was fully convinced that their expert craftsmanship was right for my home.”

Mrs S.
“My old railings were in dire need of replacement. Smart Steels were professional and handled the redesign in a flash. They made the process much simpler than I ever could have imagined. They also gave me full control over how the finished product was going to look.”

Case Studies

The Veranda Railings

The Project: We have clients reaching out to us from all across the London area.  One customer from Putney recently contacted us with an interesting project. They needed railings for their rooftop veranda for safety reasons; to stop the possibility of anyone falling over the edge. This sounded like something which was simple enough but also came with several complications. we were more than happy to tackle this challenge and help the customer.

The first Issue was that the edge of this veranda was in fact curved instead of straight. Now any railing we install would need to match these contours of the building. They also wanted something which would be in keeping with the style of the building. This would help to create a veranda which was stylish and cohesive with the building it was a part of.

The Solution: When we first attended the site, we measured the area around the veranda carefully. We then took solid templates to give us a full exterior profile to work with. In the design studio, we were able to come up with a simple yet elegant design which the client loved.

With their approval, we moved into production. The curved templates were brought to our workshop and used to create each panel for the railing. When the panels were sent to the site for installation, we had a 100% match. All the shapes and curves we made perfectly fitted the curves of the veranda.

The client was thrilled with the final result. This allowed us to congratulate ourselves on efficiently pulling off such a complex job.

Metal railings in London: Our services

Interested in installing metal railings on your property but want to know more? We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions below:

Do you provide bespoke railings?

Yes, we provide bespoke metal railings in any shape, design, or size that you wish. We provide custom-made railings, made-to-measure railings, as well as more traditional and classic designs. No matter the complexity of your project, we’re happy to take it on and provide an outstanding final result. 

Do you supply railings for trade customers?

Yes, we work with landscapers and architects all around London and further afield, providing metal railings and gates for their design projects. If you’re looking for elegant garden railings to complete a client’s project, we’re happy to help. We can design, manufacture, and fit the metal railings as required. We can also provide installation materials and installation advice if you’d prefer to install them yourself. 

Do you offer a measuring service?

Yes. Before beginning work on any project, we’ll always consult the outdoor space beforehand and conduct a full survey – this is included as part of our installation service. The survey allows us to take essential measurements and scope out any peculiarities or potential complications we might run into with the installation. If we do find any problems or peculiarities, we’ll set out plans to tackle them during the design process. 

Can you install on any type of garden?

Yes! Don’t worry if you have a sloped garden, a low wall, a wonky gate, or any other peculiarities in your backyard – our team has worked on many different types of gardens, so we can easily measure the land’s gradient and install high-quality railings on your property. This also applies if you have curved walls: we can measure the walls to align exactly with your railings, so there’s no incoherence when it comes to the appearance of your garden. 

And if you don’t have a wall to construct the railings against, that’s no problem either – we’ll provide posts for the railings or install concrete during installation as part of our service. Put simply – no matter your type of garden, wall, or project, we’ll find a solution that works. 

Garden Railings: Our Installation Process

Our ordering process is simple: we create a design that you love, send it to be manufactured, and send our expert team to install the railings on your property.

How long does installation take?

Installation times for metal railings will differ from project to project, depending on the size of your home and the type of railings we’re installing. However, we always aim to work around your schedule and time frame where possible. Once we’ve received your initial deposit and brief for your project, we aim to carry out our survey within two days. 

When will the plans for the railing be ready? 

Typically, it takes one week for us to complete the AutoCAD design for your railings, which we’ll send to you for approval. Once you’re happy with the design, the manufacturing process will usually take 2 weeks to complete. It may take a further 7-14 days if you’ve requested any additional features, such as galvanisation.

Do you offer a range of finishes for your metal railings?

Yes! We offer an extensive range of finishes for our metal railings. Our most basic option is our primed mild steel, which makes your railings resistant to moisture and rain – perfect for rainy UK weather. We also offer a hot dip galvanised finish with molten zinc, which enhances the durability of metal railings and helps prevent rust for a minimum of 25 years.

Get a quote today

If you’re interested in garden railings and want to know more about our installation process, don’t hesitate to contact us at 020 8640 6999. You can also email us with details about your project at


Wrought Iron Railings can range from standard mild steel railings to the much more decorative and ornate style incorporating railheads, finials and scrollwork.

Cast Iron Railings
Wrought Iron Railings
Vertical Bar Railings
Bow top Railings
Hand Forged Railings

Matching gates can be incorporated into your design with or without automation.


For commercial railings design may not be as important as security, we can help with design of secure railings including various anti-intruder type devices. As well as the standard stocked security fencing such as our UltraPale and Palisade Fencing we will be happy to design, supply and fit something that is bespoke to you.

Alternatively if a more decorative design is required for the purposes of home, park or playground edging, we have a stunning range of Boundary Edge Fencing Products to suit your needs in a wide range of colours and finishes


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